About Us


We are passionate about sport and the physical, social, psychological and general well-being benefits that physical exercise can provide for an individual. 

Established in 2003, the prime objective of the Melbourne Sports Institute is to nurture the development of sport from grassroots to professional levels while embracing Australian values of fair play, sportsmanship, team unity and morale. Our network of over 1000 passionate sports coaches have facilitated engaging programs to students in more than 200 schools state wide and maintain the highest standard of professionalism and commitment. 

Physical exercise and the continued development of athletic skills during youth set the stage for success as an adult. Using sport as a vehicle, we provide a distinctive educational encounter that will become the building blocks for students’ continued physical, emotional and social development.

Our Values

We are proud to be driven by our key values in achieving goals and continuous improvement in providing sports and recreation programs for our participants and the wider community. 


Throughout our classes we exclude any sedentary drills and keep our students both physically and mentally active. We understand the social benefits of sport and promote inclusive interactions between all.  We aim to create an environment that gives each participant the power to succeed socially and in a sporting context.


We are passionate about keeping youth engaged in sport as a tool for personal health and development. Our environments foster positivity towards each other and towards sporting activities.


Our staff are committed not only to our program, but to each individual child who is participating. Care, effort and a tailored approach must be taken to ensure that everyone receives the same benefits that sport and physical education can provide.