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Our Mission & Vision

Our vision at the Melbourne Sports Institute Inclusive Program is that ‘every person should have the opportunity to participate in sport’. The most recent statistics taken by the Australian Bureau of Statistics state that only 24% of people with disability participate in sport related activities.

A lack of resources or opportunities should not prevent anybody from participating, and we strive towards a level playing field for all individuals. Sport and physical activity plays a key role in our society and it is our passion to ensure participation and development through sport continues to grow. 

Our mission is to ‘increase the percentage of people of all abilities actively participating in sport & physical exercise’.


1. Information

Release and promote details of programs and information related to increasing physical activity and sports inclusion.

2. Programs

Present and manage practical set specific locations, dates, time, sports/activities that people of all abilities can participate in.

3. Network

Link with fellow organisations and services that are dedicated to empowering individual sport information.

4. Individual Orientated Approach

Understand that everybody will have their own individual goals, beliefs and values and structure programs, services, supports and information that can be flexible and changeable in a person centered approach.